On-Demand Training for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Are you in search of an employee training system where the workforce takes ownership of their future? Well, You, Inc. is the eLearning solution when it comes to employee accountability. It’s a fact that training through e-learning requires less time and increases retention rates, all at a lower cost to your organization. However, it’s rare to find a program focused on credible and reliable research.

That is until now. Our neuroscience team has been working diligently to produce a training module of the future, complete with all of the features and new technologies our focus groups have been begging for. Oh, and customization to meet your industry’s needs. It’s never been easier.

Organizations commonly experience issues revolving around engagement and learning, with few training options to turn to. Who has the time or tools to build an effective training method from scratch? In addition, we know the ineffectiveness found with single day workshops and presentations. The goal of You, Inc. is to tackle that hurdle, providing an incredibly dynamic eLearning package at an affordable rate. Imagine a completed prototype that’s fully customizable, with self-awareness tools that are scientifically proven to create an ownership mentality within your workforce through brain-friendly learning.

Watch as employees develop a self-directed approach to continued learning with fully customizable features such as a mobile/desktop app, gamification, push notifications, online community encouragement, action based micro-learning, and much more.

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The time has never been better to create an easily customizable e-learning system!

Product Impact

Online-Based (IOS & Android)
Sustainable Employee Training
Employee Onboarding
Improving Company Efficiency
Globalization Training
“A brilliant tool with every feature my organization needed, thoughtfully constructed for customization and immediate implementation. You, Inc. was a lifeline for our company in troubled times, and has only continued to provide the necessary future focused training for ongoing growth.”