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1) DISCsatisfied? Deciphering the DISC

 2) Untold Story of Workplace Motivators

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DISC: 11/30 – 4:00pm

Motivators: 12/6 – 4:00pm


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Fall Schedule

Our Fall session schedule covers research-based topics that are proven to advance your people initiatives through our proprietary brain-based methodology. Each two-hour session is scientifically broken down into bite-sized pieces to maximize growth, and promote self-awareness to create a more effective you. Take your team back to school with a new training method that involves brain-friendly learning through a neuroscience lens, or attend this series for continued learning in your professional development journey.

Science-backed leadership, recruiting, and organizational growth solutions for today’s innovative thinker. As the premier brain-based human capital consulting firm of the north east, we’ve developed cutting edge, science-based solutions to the people pains of today.

These classes can all be stand alone or as part of a discounted 4-part “Mindset Matters series. The series includes: Emotional intelligence for impact, Growth vs. fixed mindset, Unconscious bias / stereotype threats, and Brain-based listening and communication.

Dates: 9/14 – 8:30am, 10/5 – 4:00pm, 10/27 – 8:30am, 11/8 – 8:30am, 11/30 – 4:00pm

The DISC behavioral assessment has become a valuable instrument in the first step towards self-awareness. However, too often a person or company administers the assessment, but doesn’t know how to execute on this powerful information. It truly is a mind blowing tool (pun intended). This session is designed to take your DISC assessment off the shelf, and learn how to utilize the brain-based data.

Session Outcome: You’ll be able to better execute on your job description, enhance your career, or leverage the tool for continuous coaching and development.

Dates: 9/19 – 8:30am, 10/10 – 4:00pm, 11/3 – 8:30am, 11/15 – 8:30am, 12/6 – 4:00pm

Participants will reveal the hidden strengths they bring to the work environment by addressing their “why,” and gain a deeper understanding of their 12 driving forces that can make or break career development.  This session comes with a complimentary personal report that looks at your own motivators.

Session Outcomes:  Attendees will have an assessment to gain a understanding of their workplace motivators and how leverage this information in their personal and professional development to achieve positive results.

Dates: 9/21 – 8:00am, 9/28 – 5:30pm, 10/17 – 5:30pm, 10/24 – 8:00am

Join Erikson Neilans, Ph.D. and Joan Graci in a jam packed workshop covering Emotional Quotient, and whether it could overtake IQ as a predictor of success in potential hires, the workforce, and leaders. This session comes with a complimentary personal report that looks at your own emotional intelligence.

Session Outcomes: Gain an understanding of emotional intelligence, and a deeper knowledge of how to leverage the EQ assessment. Apply the power of emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity.

Dates: 10/5 – 8:00am, 10/12 – 5:30pm, 11/1 – 5:30pm, 11/7 – 8:00am

See the growth vs. fixed mindset concept defined with relevant workforce examples, and understand how you can better steer your company towards a growth mindset organization.

Session Outcome: Through our in-house research, combined with the studies conducted by Dr. Carol Dweck, you’ll leave with an arsenal of tools and best practices to transition from a fixed mindset culture at your organization.

Dates: 10/19 – 8:00am, 10/26 – 5:30pm, 11/14 – 5:30pm, 11/21 – 8:00am

Learn how A+ companies understand and use different brain-based strategies to shift ingrained thinking in their organization. This will also uncover what stereotype threat is, and what impact it has in our work world today.

Session Outcome: Leave this session with a holistic understanding of all the intricacies involved with unconscious bias and stereotype threat. Our research and data will help you implement a growth strategy from day one.

Dates: 11/2 – 8:00am, 11/9 – 5:30pm, 11/28 – 5:30pm, 12/5 – 8:00am

This session allows participants to learn how to have an impactful conversation and gain the ability to listen for potential, mindfulness, empathy (at all levels), and leverage importance of silence in our communication styles

Session Outcomes:  Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to utilize brain-based listening and communication tactics to enhance in their personal and professional conversations. 

*Bottom four classes can also be taken in a 4-part discounted series starting with Emotional Intelligence*

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