Assessment Purchase & Course Overview

Course Description:

Recruitment and Employment Interviewing. This class is an intimate, intensive, creative course that will allow the students to uncover the truth about the employment landscape while gaining insight to how to interview and conduct a successful job search. The course will focus on Interpersonal communication and how it relates to the Recruitment and Employment Interview. Students will go deeper into self-awareness, occupations best suited for themselves as well as how to adapt an ownership mindset called You, Inc.

Learning Objective:

Students will develop competency and knowledge in the essential elements of the recruitment and employment interview. They will gain an understanding of interpersonal communication process while understanding their specific behavioral communication style with the utilization of the DISC assessment and apply this information to their career and employment interviews.

This course requires an online Assessment.  This assessment is through TTI Success Insights and is based around Career Planning Insights and Motivators. The cost of the assessment is originally $250.00, however as a UB student we’ve discounted this price to $129.00. You can make your payment below. Portion of the proceeds will go to:


Price = $129

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