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COM223: Principles & Methods of Interviewing

Principles & Methods of Interviewing is a course that applies communication theory to principles and methods of interviewing.  It is designed to teach you communication skills essential for your professional career.  Because this course is designed to teach you theoretical principles of interviewing as well as skills necessary for conducting successful interviews, concepts will be integrated from real life case studies and the textbook into our activities, lectures, class assignments and discussions.

Learning Objective: Students will develop competency and knowledge in the essential elements of interviews and the major types of interview. They will gain an understanding of interpersonal communication process while understanding their specific behavioral communication style with the utilization of the DISC assessment and apply this information to the different types of interviews. Students will also be exposed to Strength Finders Assessment and use this information to enhance their employment interview experience. Students will also develop an understanding of questions and their usage and how to structure an interview. 

Learning Outcome: Students will be able to identify and explain what is and is not an interview. This capacity will be assessed in the in-class assignment #3. They will identify and understand the parties involved in interviews, the roles enacted during interviews, the role of perception in the interviews and the nature of communication interactions. Students will gain insight on their personal DISC behavioral communication style and understand how to apply this information to enhance communication between parties and in an interview. These capacities will be assessed within an in-class assignment 1 and 2 along with Unit 1 Assignment.  


Price = $129

This course requires an online Assessment. This assessment is through TTI Success Insights and is based around Career Planning Insights and Motivators. The cost of the assessment is originally $250.00, however as a UB student we’ve discounted this price to $129.00. You can make your payment online. Portion of the proceeds will go to:

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