Toilet Paper, the Coronavirus, and You

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Phones, emails, and texts have bombarded the offices of APA Solutions since COVID-19. The Coronavirus took the collective conscience of the U.S. and the world at large by storm. Companies and people were calling us because day-in and day-out, we’re one of the few human-capital organizations in the world dedicated to the science of why people do what they do. Beyond the pandemic, people wanted to know, why is everyone panicking? Is this overblown by the media? Most importantly, what can we as a society and a people do to fix this?

One approach is building a time machine to travel back to right before our cavepeople ancestors got in a fight-or-flight situation, at which point, we give some lobotomies. Specifically, we remove our ancestor’s amygdala, thereby preventing humans from developing and evolving fear. No fearing things, no uncertainty, no problem! Alas, we don’t have Flux Capacitors hooked up to DeLoreans so, for now; society will have to work with companies like APA Solutions.

The reaction, some may say overreaction, to the Coronavirus pandemic is rooted as is all emotional responses, in our brains, the amygdala to be exact.

This small wad of neurons provides us with one thing to worry about after another, literally. Not only that, we seek worry, we humans worry by nature. It’s been proven we have a hard time thinking rationally and regulating our emotions when stressed. Disasters, terrorists, viruses, a shortage of toilet paper, all this is programmed in your brain as signaling us as something important to pay attention to, negative inputs have far greater pull than positive ones. What isn’t grabbing your attention as readily? Sunshine, rainbows, and puppies, and isn’t that sad? Shouldn’t those top the list? Not if your brain has anything to do with it or, specifically, your amygdala. We worry over being happy.

This isn’t to say this or any coronavirus shouldn’t be taken seriously, it is a global health risk especially for the old and autoimmune compromised. Just be aware what’s motivating people to panic, to buy all the toilet paper, cancel blind dates, or selloff their stocks is not directly COVID-19 but rather the amygdalae doing what it does best; worrying. Get enough people’s brains worrying at the same time and viola, mass panic on 24-hour news cycle.

The only way to break free from worry, to mitigate that pesky amygdalae, is by reprogramming our brains. Meditation, checking in with your emotions, tuning out or limiting news and social media, calling friends for connection, and a host of other long-term changes can mitigate your worry and empower you to think with a clear head. It’s the type of brain-based work APA Solutions has done with every sector, in every industry, for organizations from small to large.

Want to learn more about how you can fight the fallout from the Coronavirus in every way short of the virus itself? APA Solutions will be holding a Facebook Live event COVID-19, Stress, and You on Tuesday, March 17 at Noon. Click here to visit our Facebook Page.

During our Lunch-and-Learn we’ll discuss COVID-19 with advice on what you can do to have less anxiety during this and any crisis, making better decisions for you and your loved ones. We’ll be giving helpful information surrounding the Coronavirus with tips rooted in science that will be game-changers for you and organization. We’ll be taking questions and discussing what makes for the best toilet paper on the market you can buy if that’s what you insist on doing.

We look forward to seeing you then! Until then, wash your hands frequently, use social distancing, and be healthy.