The Self-Awareness Paradox

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Who would have guessed that the road to self-awareness begins with realizing just how little self-awareness one has? It’s not a journey most people willingly go on unless something happens that forces them to. Although we will be talking about it from a leadership perspective, our recruiting division at APA Solutions is seeing it as a major requirement for employees at all levels of an organization as well.

In 2017, we had more director level people enrolled in this force-fed journey than at any other point in our coaching history. These were well-intentioned professionals who came up through the ranks at a time when whatever ones’ leadership style was, it IS and will continue to be. The dynamic work world of today requires more from the ranks of leadership and when reviewing the record levels of turnover, disengagement and absenteeism, it’s easy to see how expensive this thought process can be. So, in an attempt to gather data, we found 10 bold individuals that agreed to be a part of a new assessment trial and case study examining the less publicized form of intelligence: emotional intelligence.

First, it’s incredibly important to note that unlike what most causalities in the workforce believe, all 10 of these individuals were shocked to uncover how different their perception of themselves were versus what others said about them. These participants literally had no idea how their EQ was affecting their ability to, yes you guessed it, be effective. Each and every one of them were absolutely stunned to uncover how their everyday interactions were impeding the effectiveness of those who surrounded them. At their core, they truly believed that their approach was yielding the best results for the company. Think about what we believed just a few years ago in the science world, how it related to business, and the breakthroughs we’ve seen since. It would only stand to reason that if you’ve been in a leadership role for more than a decade, you might need a reboot about practices from ten years ago as they may not be quite as effective.

Now through science we can view scans of employee brains and identify the effect of unnecessary stress, and actually see how it inhibits them from doing their best work. What’s more, it shows us the appropriate approach to stop that retreat in the brain and produce better results through a brain-friendly leadership approach. For this group, learning more about themselves through our custom-built assessment and debriefing with us after has been an incredible game changer for them in growth, effectiveness and collaboration. Most of us have experienced a glimpse into what’s going on inside our head through assessments or other tools, but once we experience that realism, how do we move forward applying than information? Well, here is your opportunity to find out. Take the plunge and start your assessment now.


So, QUIT reading and let’s start to have some fun. Are you brave enough to take this self-awareness assessment? Click HERE to start and receive a special invitation to uncover the results at our HQ in April.

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