The Recruiting Grinch Exists in all Organizations

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Ahh, the holiday season, that wonderful time of year. As I look around my festively decorated office, it’s hard not to notice my counterpart scurrying to and from our research center to the offices. Like an excited elf prior to the big drop off, he’s truly in his element. As our in-house researcher, he takes the reflection piece of the season to a whole new level, and if there is something he can research, analyze and data crunch, Erikson is gleefully on it. As I review the calendar, I know that I’m about 14 days away from his year-end statistics sharing the reality of what I already know: Hiring is hard work. How do I know? Because I’ve seen it all and lived to tell. My name is Jean Filipiak, and I’m a certified brain-based recruiter and career coach with years of people data to my name.

If you’re like me, this is the time of year that recruiters and hiring managers are getting pitched about the latest and greatest recruiting products which promise finding quality people with ease. Yet, when I compare to my own math and science approach, I feel confident my findings are going to be pretty darn close to what our PhD is going to find. Hiring is hard work. Regardless of the software system you are using, human beings still have to go through a lot of resumes (400+), using a multifaceted approach before they can get to hiring the best talent. I wish that in 2018, more employers were willing to collect and reflect on their own people data to provide a baseline for comparing their current and future human capital goals.

So, let me share some of my reflections and don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted on how my information compares to Dr. Neilans’ research. Although the skill shortage is a real phenomenon, employers have done little to address this reality in-house. Instead, there is a whole lot of “people recycling” going on. Plus, specifications have gotten so stringent that the majority of roles require exact experience. Then you take in the “best-fit” piece, and it’s a whole new layer to consider. It is literally taking guerrilla warfare to identify the right people.

Job postings have become the least productive way to find people. At no point in our history have we truly owned the term “recruiter/headhunter” more than we do today. Our placements are being made from direct contact only. Our job postings are resulting in little return on our investments, which now means that once we find rare talent, the company needs to keep them. But research shows in-house training has been on the decline since the recession. I myself graduated from a company sponsored management training program, yet it seems we are a unique company as others see this concept disappearing in recent years.

Companies think “we’re too small” when the reality is that all size companies must have access to enhancing their workforce in order to be competitive.  Not only that, our data compared to national statistics shows that customized in-house programs result in much higher engagement and stronger retention rates. Consider this question: After spending all those resources to find the right talent, wouldn’t you like to keep them and have higher employee retention, ultimately reducing your time spent recruiting? I know our clients did and so did we. So, over the past few years, we have carved out a solution where everyone takes ownership of their training and professional development, and success is the ultimate outcome.

I know what you’re thinking, “how with your current responsibility could you ever tackle an in-house training program? Especially one that takes care of the entire life cycle of your employees.” Well, that’s why I’m so excited that our e-learning system is ready for its prime time showing. We’ve spent years building and testing a training process that guarantees the Grinch will not steal your time, or even your people away from you. Our “elves” built an evidence-based training system that increases retention by 50% and as a result, will reduce time needed to find new employees. This system is called Mindset Matters – You, Inc.


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