The Get-It-Together Guide for Recruiting Preparation [Part 2]

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Last week, we talked about a crucial step in the recruiting preparation process: Pregame Planning. This daunting task is incredibly important to the health of your hiring process, but as discussed, is truly the most misunderstood. Countless organizations continue to throw their time and money away seeking the same solutions that didn’t work in the first place! Through years of dedicated research, we put together the process (found at the link above) to get you comfortably through the pregame planning stage… but we’re not done yet. Let’s dive into the second half of the recruiting prep process, and get you one step closer to solving your talent shortage nightmare.


Strategic recruiting vs. tactical recruiting

Constructing a great team should be high priority for every company, but are you doing it right? The fact is, employers no longer have the upper hand. Today the candidate has choice, especially with many companies vying for their attention. Attracting these individuals to your business is an obstacle that must be met head-on. After you’ve evolved the way you view recruiting, assemble your interview team of leaders and peers for a pre-game meeting.

Utilize a simplified vision and mission:

Never before has your vision and mission been more important, especially with many candidates valuing work that relates to a cause that they can impact. Incorporate these statements into easy-to-understand snippets that motivate and engage job seekers.

Vision & Mission

Job Interview

Determine the type of interview:

Gone are the days of “one size fits all” interviews. Each new job opening requires a review of the interview process, including what type of interview is necessary to adequately fill the role. Will a one-on-one interview suffice, or is it necessary to host a team interview? What about the layout? Should it be informational, structured, or unstructured? All of these questions are great to ask during your pre-game meeting.

Discuss what questions should be asked:

Have you ever been on a horrible date where the person you are out with spent the whole time talking about themselves without ever asking you a single question? Make sure you set the stage appropriately, but don’t dominate the interview. Take time to construct meaningful questions that provoke thought, and leave time for the job seeker to answer thoroughly. 

Interview questions

Reinforce your “talent brand voice”

If you have to ask what a talent brand is, then we may have identified a big problem. A talent brand is what talent (job seekers, candidates and employees) thinks, feels, and shares about your company. Haven’t used a talent brand narrative in an interview before? Then you’re missing a huge opportunity! First, agree internally what you believe an appropriate narrative is, then discuss the implementation. Check out the the steps to include your talent brand below:

Talent Brand Narrative


Deciding on the tools and prescreening

As you approach the finish line, make a point to discuss what tools should be utilized in your interviewing process. Does your team plan to use talent assessments? What about a soft skill / hard skill score card to track role qualifications? Any tool that could help in the process should be considered! Then it’s time to implement a preliminary review of candidates through the prescreen!

Gather as much information as possible, Identify soft skills, and leverage your job profile that was previously constructed. This is the integral final stage of the pregame process, but is overlooked by most growth companies. It’s unfortunate, but most organizations walk into the first interview without a crucial baseline of data due in part to their poor planning, and misunderstanding of recruiting prep. So, as the title states, get-it-together and fix that talent shortage through proper recruiting!


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