The Get-It-Together Guide for Recruiting Preparation [Part 1]

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Investing in new team members is a big deal and costs a whole lot of money, which is why it should be done right the first time. You want to use the best sourcing and Business Roundtableadvertising tactics, but also align your hiring process with human capital initiatives to ensure competent decisions in an interview setting. One would think that this is standard procedure, but a staggering 80% of organizations don’t participate in these best practices.

Why you ask? Most don’t understand the importance of pregame planning and the science behind recruiting preparation. The first step is prep, which is why we put together this inside look at pre-recruiting best practices utilized by the most successful growth companies!

Pregame Planning

The more work you put in ahead of time, the smoother the process. This holds true for most things, but is especially worthwhile when approaching the recruiting plan. As you review this pregame breakdown, ask yourself — “am I a part of the small percentage that utilizes these best practices?” — We’ve found that most would say yes, but don’t realize that they actually fall into the 80% who don’t. Below is a baseline of where to start and what to cover in your pregame planning phase.


Understanding the job seeker mindset:

Job seekers are coming from a place of emotion whereas employers are coming from a place of logic. DO you think you know what motivates a job seeker? There is a huge disconnect between what employers think motivates, and what actually does motivate job seekers. 95% of employers actually miss the mark on employee motivation.


Strategize about the role:

Is it a traditional full-time, temporary, contract, or project-based role? What is the Talent Strategy? For the first time in history, employees have a multitude of options about how and where they work.

HCI Strategy

Custom Job Description

Customize the job description:

Utilize your new job description template and customize it for the role. Knowing how a job effects the overall company mission is of growing importance to job seekers. However, there is an alarming number of growth companies ignoring this trend and recycling their job descriptions.

Consider diversity goals:

Talk about the kind of diversity you need within your organization – cognitive, cultural, generational, and gender. Diversity goes well beyond the traditional description, but most employers refuse to consider the additional variables.

Organizational Diversity


Recruiting Science

Use science:

Identify the behaviors and motivators required for this role. What behavioral style aligns with your company’s vision and mission? Behavioral assessments are key, but fall to the wayside in certain recruiting plans.


What’s the result?

Constructing an involved recruiting plan from it’s inception to it’s delivery results in qualified hires. It’s a fact. The issue we find, at an alarming rate, is that more companies choose to ignore the evolving job seeker trends, and remain stuck in their ways. These same companies then wonder why they keep getting the same results.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

– Albert Einstein

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Stay tuned!

Next week we’ll cover the second half of this very important recruiting subject. Including: Strategic recruiting vs. tactical recruitingConstructing your talent brand narrative, Deciding on the tools, and Prescreening.

Talent Strategy

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