Survey Truths Revealed – Mindset Matters #4

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Mindset Matters Recap – April 20th, 2017 Live Stream

After toying around with the ever famous Shakespearean play, Hamlet, I finally found the most appropriate stage for our recent Live Stream event. “To survey, or not to survey… should that be the question?” If you’re not familiar with our Mindset Matters Facebook Live series, make sure you take a look at the video attached below to view it in all it’s glory. It’s a simple concept where my Ph.D. strategic partner and I sit down, have a discussion about mindsets in the workforce, and cover other important topics from a brain-based perspective.

Having just finished some fascinating client research on impact performers for a national company, we decided it important to share some of the people data we discovered. In our discussion, the point came up that surveys don’t have to be a flavor of the month if you do something with the data, in which Erikson had a great reply.

It’s great IF your opinions match what the employee population feels, but why not let the data speak! Sometimes it takes that outside perspective, and our willingness to accept feedback, in order to get the most out of our projects and people.

A great comment on being self aware as a leader, and the power of a growth mindset organization. Our conversation continued as we dove deeper into the debate of whether or not one should survey, and if so, what to do with the data.

This is the fourth in a series of Facebook Live Streams covering the mindset matters topic. Stop by out Facebook page, like us, and watch the first three streams HERE!

View the April 26, 2017 live stream below:


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