Contribute to this groundbreaking analysis on the impact of stress

We all know stress but what is the impact on you, your workforce, and decision making at large? Tackling the root cause in individuals and organizations leads to a healthier, more productive workforce, but do you know your stress level/impact as a leader?

We’ve been collecting data from a case study with our friends in Toronto, and due to the striking results, decided to bring this study on the impact of stress to our backyard.

Stress is the collaboration killer, but we’re building the remedy. It’s time to develop the data behind the dysfunction to improve productivity.

Your confidential commitment would entail:

  • One pre-assessment survey: 10 minutes
  • Taking an official assessment: 20 minutes
  • Attending a 60-minute group debrief session on the assessment (yours to keep) with a Behavioral Specialist: In-person & webinar coming September 2019
  • Two post debrief surveys: 10 minutes each
  • A personal stress assessment
  • Assessment debrief with our in-house Ph.D.
  • Best practices to combat the impact of stress
  • First access to the report once published

We’ll be in touch soon with the study details: