I’m on a mission to create work cultures that inspire, empower, and grow. I recognize that this lofty goal starts at home, which is why I’ve chosen a group of leaders who truly believe in my cause and are living examples of it. I’ve witnessed firsthand, through the professional development of my own staff, what an innovative culture can do for an organization – let’s just say magic happens. And it’s because we feel so connected that our core team of six can accomplish what a solid twelve couldn’t. Everyday is a constant battle to get my clients to think differently about their talent and defy the logic of the traditional employee experience. But in order to spread “work love” to disjointed, broken organizations, I rely on my trusty staff to help me reassemble the pieces. I’m truly blessed to call these talented people partners on my journey to discovering employment truths.

– Joan Graci, President and Owner

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I have been with APA for 15 years why do I stay? Because of the ownership mindset, the culture of accountability and, most importantly, because we impact the lives of people every day. Whether coaching a “high potential” to become a superior performer or matching a great candidate to an awesome employer, I get to have fun every time I come into work. Each person, owners included, has the opportunity to create their own destiny as the organization grows. The company embodies the true spirit of the American Dream. We can create or own schedule around personal obligations as long as it fits the business needs. We embrace a virtual workforce, allowing us to have a balance between work and home. The laughter that rolls of the walls is contagious and we honestly care about the greater good.

– Jean Filipiak, Managing Partner

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What I like best about working at APA is the “work hard, play hard” belief system. We all work incredibly hard but Joan makes sure that we always take time out for fun, even if it’s something small like closing the office for an hour at lunch on the first nice summer day to go out for hot dogs. We¹re a very close-knit group so it’s always nice to get out of the office and do something together and to know that your efforts are truly appreciated.

– Caitlin Pietz, Executive Recruiter

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I have been afforded a wonderful work / life balance during the 15 years that I have worked at APA. The flexibility in my schedule has allowed for me to get my children on and off the school bus, and be able to attend their events. Although we work in a very fast ­paced culture, there is always time to laugh at APA! We have a great group and enjoy spending time together. We have fun company retreats and Joan makes sure your birthday is a special day!

– Recruiting and Resume Specialist

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I love working at APA because I get a lot of attention and belly rubs from my co-workers. I get to have my own bed there so that I can nap when I get a little bit sleepy and when I do a really good job on something, I get a treat! Definitely the best job I have ever had.

– Winston, The Boss

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