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Leading with the Brain in Mind

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Tuesday, November 27 – 8:30am


6480 Main Street, Williamsville, NY

Mindset Matters – Official Sessions

Our sessions cover research-based topics that are proven to advance your people initiatives through our proprietary brain-based methodology. Each two-hour class is scientifically broken down into bite-sized pieces to maximize growth, and promote self-awareness to create a more effective you. Take your team back to school with a new training method that involves brain-friendly learning through a neuroscience lens, or attend this series for continued learning in your professional development journey.

*These sessions can be taken individually or as part of our discounted EQ or Advanced (pick 4) 4-part series. See below for details: 

4-Part EQ Series

Date: 1/15 – 8:30am

Problem you face: Do you or those in your organization let emotions negatively affect decision-making or job performance?

Solution we provideDuring this training we will not only assess your emotional intelligence but you will also be given effective solutions on how to use emotions to facilitate yours or others performance at work.

**Good for 2 General HRCI recertification credits

Dates: 11/30 – 8:30am, 1/29 – 8:30am

Problem you face: Have you or your workforce struggled with taking ownership of future development professionally and organizationally?

Solution we provide: Not only learn tips and tricks for creating a culture of accountability, but leave this training with proven techniques to overcome self-management shortcomings.

Dates: 11/29 – 8:30am, 12/14 – 8:30am, 2/12 – 8:30am

Problem you face: Do you find that in certain social situations, you or your workforce lack appropriate awareness to understand and respond to the needs of others through verbal and non-verbal communication?

Solution we provide: This session intends to deliver improved strategies and awareness in mindfulness, empathy, and understanding others more succinctly.

Dates: 12/13 – 8:30am, 1/4 – 8:30am, 2/26 – 8:30am

Problem you face: Are there moments when emotions are raised and your team’s ability to function diminishes as a result?

Solution we provide: We show you best practices to take this newly developed understanding of emotional awareness and foster more effective, fruitful and fulfilling business relationships.

Advanced Series

Date: 11/6 – 8:30am

Problem you face: Do you feel the pressure of high turnover and disengagement when onboarding new hires or rolling out organizational change?

Solution we provideDiscover brain-based research that explains the science behind why change is so difficult, best practices to better handle or implement change, and how ones preferred thinking style influences their immunity to change.

Dates: 11/14 – 8:30am, 12/4 – 8:30am

Problem you face: Are messages within your team not received properly or accurately, costing the organization time and money?

Solution we provide: Brain-based best practices for effective communication and listening; helping you and those within your organization work more productively and efficiently.

**Good for 2 General HRCI recertification credits

Date: 11/27 – 8:30am

Problem you face: When giving your team objectives, do you find that at times they perform below expectations and miss valuable information that was provided?

Solution we provide: It can be difficult to lead a team of diverse individuals who all have different skill sets and workplace styles. That’s why this topic was created to provide best practices to help leaders work within the preferred  social order of the brain, boosting collaboration and growth.

Date: 12/6 – 8:30am

Problem you face: Are there moments when your employee engagement and productivity slides for some unknown reason?

Solution we provide: Leave this workshop with the knowledge and tools to better interact with fellow colleagues in a manner that produces collaboration and productivity, avoiding those emotional pitfalls that are triggered by our threat response.

Date: 12/11 – 8:30am

Problem you face: If you consistently see yourself or those in your organization making the same decisions, over and over again.

Solution we provide: Participating in this training will open your mindset and give you the tools to learn how to overcome obstacles in your job.

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