Now that the second wave is among us, all of us require guidance as we are navigating these unchartered waters, which is why we here at APA Solutions have been doing our part to make our brain-based professional development programs accessible to a wide variety of audiences.

As scientists we completely understand why the pandemic has been so challenging to our mental well-being. It represents everything our brain despises. Humans are a social species that thrive in patterns and certainty, and we are now facing months of the continued unknown. Thrust into a new reality at both work and home has led us to the highest level of mental health decline on record.

The good news is that neuroscientists have shown through fMRIs (functional magnetic resonance imaging) that the human brain is plastic. Each of us have the ability to override our brain’s hard-wired, automatic fear reactions. An innate ability called neuroplasticity allows you to use your “thinking mind” to rewire the structure and functioning of your brain. Neuroplasticity guarantees that with mental exercises you don’t have to stay trapped by the pandemic storms of your body such as frustration, anxiety, and worry.

Come see how we have helped growth companies around the globe that trusted us with their most valuable possession: their people. We brought them to the neurological light versus the darkness through a highly relatable and sticky way. The results have been humbling and we can pridefully report that we have directly increased competencies in measurable ways in the areas of: problem-solving, critical-thinking, and innovation.

Allow us to introduce ourselves to your amazing brain.

Brain, meet your gym.

Please take advantage of these resources to help you through these turbulent times:

We understand how this situation can be increasing your stress levels, which is why we are doing everything in our power to help you manage that stress, and use it to improve productivity, effectively communicate to your workforce, and self-regulate your emotions.

Please reach out to us for anything you may need. Our passion is people, and everyone could use a little more kindness these days.