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Brain, welcome to your gym. Our unique, experiential, brain-based training will result in:

  • Experiencing (quite possibly for the first time) a blend of interactive and live coaching
  • Becoming a more self-aware individual as it relates to the resilience for a crisis
  • A sense of clarity when you need it most
  • Addressing stress so you can get into action
  • Giving certainty in uncertain times
  • Reducing fear as it rears its ugly head
  • And MORE!




Emotional Intelligence EQ For Impact – Learn more

Led by our in-house neuroscience expert Dr. Erikson Neilans, and our President and CEO, Joan Graci.

We have enhanced our 4-part Emotional Intelligence for Impact series to better dissect your unique behaviors and motivators so you can increase your self-awareness to help you effectively manage your emotions especially when dealing with stressful situations. It has become apparent after speaking and observing individuals from around the globe that the workforce is facing a range of challenges, which means there has never been a more critical time to leverage EQ to help manage these challenges. There is no doubt that agility will be one of the most heavily tested competencies throughout this pandemic, and this series will equip you with the tools you need to handle conflicts and provide resolutions to develop a more effective and resilient workplace.


Advanced EQ – Learn more

Led by our in-house neuroscience expert Erikson Neilans, Ph.D. and our President and CEO, Joan Graci.

An invite-only, hands-on 4-part training series designed to help growth-oriented leaders drive more into the practical application of emotional intelligence that can be used for the employee life-cycle.


Diversity Intelligence – Learn more

Led by our in-house neuroscience expert Dr. Erikson Neilans, our President and CEO Joan Graci, and one of the foremost authorities on diversity and inclusion in the state of California, Sahar Andrade

Reignited by the most recent events within the Black Lives Matter movement, employers are taking a deep look at their bias training initiatives. Since it is an affliction that plagues every single person regardless of race, a science-based approach is becoming the preferred training methodology. Utilizing a blend of lecture based on the work of Dr. Patricia Devine, and hands-on exercises led by our team of brain-builders, this series will increase your selfawareness and provide you with the practical tools necessary for creating long-lasting equitable habits within yourself and your organization.


Now booking demos for our Learning Experience Platform – Learn more

On-demand training for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Designed with brain-friendly growth in mind, the You, Inc.™ learning experience platform offers customizable solutions for all things training and development.


The Neuroscience of Trust – Learn More

  • Led by our in-house neuroscience expert Dr. Erikson Neilans, and our President and CEO, Joan Graci. Emotions are and will forever be a critical part of being human. This is why it’s so important for leaders and team members to honor and accept their own, and each other’s, emotions at work in order to build a resilient team and achieve success.




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Develop every level of your organization onsite or remote with a custom event covering one of our custom workshops or keynote topics. The team of expert speakers and coaches we’ve assembled have provided immediate productivity for many struggling growth companies, and would like to speak to you about your organizational goals.