Don’t Give Up on Your 2018 Resolutions: Mindset Matters


As we quickly and incredibly finish our first month of 2018, I wanted to take an opportunity to reflect back on the first four weeks of the new year. Let’s take a look: we’ve experienced government shutdowns, advertisement atrocities, Oscar snubs, and Grammy winner controversy. So, yeah we’re averaging a little more than one major catastrophe a week; not so hot of a start to the new year. Honestly, I’ve thought of cancelling my Netflix subscription because real life is filled with enough drama but luckily my father-in-law pays for the membership so no loss on our part. But honestly, with already so many examples in 2018 of people succumbing to the use of biases, it is easy to see how we have come to embrace a National Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day (January 17, 2018 for those unaware). But I want to reassure you that although change can be tough, having the right mindset can help you reshape what you once believed to be barriers of success into opportunities for growth. In the immortal words of Rob Schneider (Waterboy), “YOU CAN DO IT!

But how do you start this journey towards adopting a new mindset? Well, I challenge you first to disrupt your old way of thinking and consider these questions. When is the last time you challenged yourself to learn something new? To fully read an article and not just the headline? When is the last time you had a productive conversation about some new training solution? To debate the integrity of the information and the applicability of research? Genuinely answering these questions is supposed to be tough but that does not mean it is okay to give up. In fact, if you’re not willing to find out where the fact lies, then don’t be upset when the wool gets pulled over your eyes.

So, ask yourself where you want to be 11 months from now? Do you have the right mindset to conquer your 2018 goals? Not sure where to start? Don’t feel like you need to go through this journey alone. At APA Solutions, we are passionate about uncovering your barriers to success and developing solutions for your professional development. Just remember, if your car was to break down, you would call a mechanic. If you want to know how the brain works and how it can help your development – ask a neuroscientist.

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