Let’s cut to the chase

Reignited by the most recent events within the Black Lives Matter movement, employers from all industries are taking a deep look at their bias training initiatives.  Since it is an affliction that plagues every single person regardless of race, and impacts behaviors without people being conscious of it, a science-based approach is becoming the preferred training methodology. As science has provided insight on automatic biases, APA Solutions has introduced training methods to raise awareness of unconscious attitudes and continuously provides their clients with effective tools to mitigate them.

While many well-intentioned people are interested in developing interventions to reduce bias, it is essential that they first understand the neurological processes behind their own instinctive thoughts. If we are truly going to address racial injustice, a multifaceted habit changing intervention is our recommendation since we have seen success with this process in all of our brain-based programs.

Now, let’s embark on your math and science application journey.

Based on the work of Dr. Patricia Devine et al., each 120-minute session is a hybrid of lecture and practical applications for the business sector.


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