We understand how hard it is to find good talent.

  • With the skills shortage, a majority of today’s companies are struggling to identify and retain quality candidates
  • Each day a position goes unfilled, your organization loses money
  • You need a hiring solution, and you need one right now

But most importantly, we realize the value in finding those great leaders for an organization’s success, which is why we take the time to match the right players with your team, no matter the industry or function.


We get results for you. Here’s how:

As the only brain-based hiring authority in the region, we implement strategies that apply directly to your brain function in the context of recruiting. Simply put, hiring can be a no-brainer if you understand the way talent thinks and feels about their career pathway as it relates to your company.

5 Painless Solutions

Advanced Contract Recruiting

Retain our contract recruiting services and gain access to our recruiting vehicles, plus a master prescreener. Flat fee plus bonus coaching services.

Accelerated Placement Process

Enable us to do it all with a “classic retain search.” Reserved for direct-hire from office staff to executive leadership. New client special available!

Train the Trainer Program

This program is for recruiters and hiring managers who are seeking innovative science-driven techniques for attracting and securing top talent. Our certified consultants will teach you best sourcing and advertising tactics on how to align your hiring initiatives to your business strategies. Click to learn more about our Superior Workforce Recruiting or DISC certification.

Candidate Assessment

Our brain-based talent specialist will conduct a comprehensive candidate audit to ensure that the potential employee is aligned with the role and organizational culture. We utilize talent assessments in conjunction with our understanding of their driving forces to aid in the acceptance of the position. Learn more about our assessment program HERE.

Job Posting Audit

Allow us to recreate your job posting utilizing a Neuro-marketing approach. Would you like to learn more about additional talent branding steps? Click HERE

The Results We Have Created

  1. Companies who use neuro-marketing to enhance their job posting and talent brand see a 43% decrease in cost per hire.
  2. They tend to grow 20% faster (aka faster rate of hire).
  3. Strong ad posting leads to 2.5x more right fit candidates per job opening.
  4. Positions are filled within 8 weeks with the right long term candidate fit.
  5. Advances HR specialists knowledge and mindset to implement new strategies that make a direct impact to an organizations bottom line.

Client Testimonial

“Very good fit, lots of runway, and an efficient candidate matching process”

– Enrico Bova, Engineering Manager, US PEROXIDE

Enrico needed a candidate with both strong technical skills and behaviors / motivators that align with their unique company culture to fill an Electrical Engineering role. APA Solutions completed the project from conception to completion in 2-6 weeks when the position was open for over 12+ months previously.


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