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Are you EMOTIONAL… ly intelligent?

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Women of the world, are you EMOTIONAL…ly intelligent? If you’re like many of the female entrepreneurs, leaders or job seekers I’ve encountered, you’re probably just as sick of hearing how much more emotional you are compared to male counterparts. It’s simply … Continued

Leaders, are you mindful or mindless?

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There’s a big difference between the two terms above, and it all comes down to one thing: your mindset. Our research, similar to the teachings of Peter Drucker, the Austrian-born American management consultant whose writings contributed to the foundations of … Continued

The Self-Awareness Paradox

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Who would have guessed that the road to self-awareness begins with realizing just how little self-awareness one has? It’s not a journey most people willingly go on unless something happens that forces them to. Although we will be talking about … Continued