Case Study 119 – Part 1

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Empowering Change Through a Talent Strategy – Case Study


Case Study - APA Solutions





Strategy: Collaborated with a hybrid group of Executive level individuals and leaders from six branches to assess the foundation for the disconnect between business strategy and workforce implications.

  •     After a half day of facilitation by APA Solutions to all participants, the root cause of the disconnect between leadership and the employees began to take shape.
    • Deficiencies centered around:
      • Mixed messages throughout the organization about company growth and direction
      • The company culture had not been defined or agreed to
      • Zero preparation for the changing business landscape through analyzing current and future people trends
      • No clue as to what an impact performer looked like at any level

As you can see, we had our work cut out for us with this client. Simply put – we get into the head of the job seeker and employment population in a scientific way, and have the data to prove it. Stay tuned as we present our research from this case study one step at a time, developing helpful insights into how we approach talent strategy development along the way.

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