Case Study 119 – Part 4 (The Internal Crisis)

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Get your facts first and then spin them in the way you see fit…

said no human resource strategist ever

After shock and horror from the “Company X” talent brand results, it was up to our team of advisors to assure the client this was a norm. It’s not quite a shock when you realize that their score was on average with audits we administered in similar type industries. Since we’ve spent a great deal of time (3 plus decades) on both informal and formalized data collection in the employee evolutionary process, surprising results were no longer in our vocabulary. It’s our business to be the subject matter expert, follow the trends that impact our clients, and provide a value add that could be clearly measured. We were not sure if it was a sugar rush from the rich data we presented, or the group began to come to terms with the new reality, but they were all ears.

This caring team slowly began to mentally re-frame that this science based knowledge could be a real competitive advantage. Not just in unforeseen ways, but in ways they could measure, so they decided to go all in! They allowed our very own Joan Graci to interview a cross section of employees in the shared vision category, as they believed this could provide a foundation for their talent initiative.

Shared Vision – a sample question from our survey

To what extent do you have a clear understanding of the growth strategy for the company?

1          2          3          4          5          6

Not at all                                                   Very much so


Who we interviewed?

Male 28

Age 28, male, advanced degree in IT, tenure 3 years

Female 42

Age 42, female, leader in fiscal area, 5 years

Male 53

Age 53, male, skilled tradesman, 25 years

Male 63

Age 62, male, supervisor, skilled tradesman retired from industry leader and recently joined as consultant

Female 34

Age 34, female, technical supervisor, 5 month tenure

We purposely pick a cross section of generations and gender, and unlike conventional beliefs, the responses were eerily similar. Check out the results below:

State of company affairs

What we’ve learned thus far is that yes, proper identification is key in the candidate recruiting process, however, the internal customer is equally important in the successful operation of a growth company. Companies with A+ talent strategies, both externally and internally, understand what motivates their employees and they use this knowledge to get a leg up on their competition.

Do you want to know how you measure up in the war on talent?

Pick any part from our Talent Brand Audit system below, and we’ll show your results!

  • Company webpage review (1 page of your choice)
  • Social media review (1 profile of your choice)
  • Glassdoor profile review
    • Visual and interactive media review (1 piece)
      • Review of Job postings, recruiting strategies, and job descriptions (1 of your choice)

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