Case Study 119 – Part 6 (Company X Goes Under Construction)

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Achieving the new “North Star” for Company X

Our engagement thus far has verified that the employee population of Company X was lost in a sea of ambiguous corporate statements. Most were detached from the organizations purpose, and the executive team, much like many clients we work with, had little idea as to why this was happening. Luckily, our team of specialists pinpointed a major disconnect within the Company X infrastructure. As discussed last week, our client recognized the importance of a strong vision and mission, and thought they had accomplished just that. However, the executive team’s understanding of these statements were much different than the employee interpretation. After surveying a diverse group from within their organization, we used our proprietary formula to calculate their shared vision score. Once completed, only 5.6% of the employees interviewed knew what the vision and mission statements actually meant. Of that percentage, nobody truly understood the actual statements. A score of zero was just what Company X needed to convince them that a thought revolution was imperative. Want to see how your company stacks up? Check below for an exclusive offer!

The Blurry Vision of Company X

Our collaboration with a cross section of employees led to a new set of brain-based statements that Company X could immediately implement. We kept it poignant, simple, and engaging so that everyone felt enthusiastic about their newly defined purpose. Clarity and purpose were the keys that our client had lost in the original construction of the these statements. Vision and mission are supposed to serve as the “North Star” of the organization — guiding statements that act as a principle everyone can get behind. Instead, we had confusion and a lack of transparency. Before our team started the development of a new vision and mission, we wanted to share some statistics with the executive team, and get their feedback on what they desired from the new statements. These statistics show that there is a real ROI when A+ companies put in place a strong shared vision, and consider both the external and internal customers:

  • 10% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 37% decrease in absent employees
  • 21% increase in productivity
  • 22% increase in profitability

Below are the newly constructed statements for Company X that, through our research, have proven to be the most engaging.

Vision & Mission Statements

With the statements firmly established, the company narrative began to serve as a guide for the employee population. The vision and mission would become cemented as the company cornerstone by including core values, which leads us to the next step in our process. Next week, we’ll show you the steps we took, the core values we instated, and how we came up with these powerful statements.

So, what’s the recipe for success? A vision and mission statement that aligns, in a clear and concise manner, the company’s strategic plan with it’s people plan.


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