Case Study 119 – Part 3 (The Results)

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First, let’s talk specifics regarding a talent brand. What the heck is it? Well, talent brand is what talent thinks, feels, and shares about your company as a place to work. Online professional networks are the fastest growing channels for promoting talent brand, growing 34 percent in the past year. Here are just a few reasons why smart organizations are investing in their talent brand:

  • 77 percent of Talent Acquisition leaders say that talent brand has a significant impact on their ability to hire great talent.talent brand
  • A strong talent brand reduces cost per hire by an average of 50 percent.
  • A strong talent brand lowers turnover rates by 28 percent.

The group of executive level individuals from “Company X” recognized the importance of a talent brand, but had no idea how to begin to analyze their talent brand score through owned channels. Although the “Company X” team seemed prepared for their audit results, it was still a shock to learn just how poor they scored on our metrics. It became abundantly clear that they had focused so heavily on the external customer, that they almost completely forgot about their own internal customer.


Case Study Results

Now for the results from last weeks inside look into a small sample of our Talent Brand Audit system.

The Setup: The metrics for our proprietary Talent Brand Audit™ system were devised using direct results from focus groups conducted at our research facility. These focus groups contained both job seekers and employees of various sized growth companies. Using the information from these focus groups, we created an equation that factored in all “touch” points our focus groups found to be the most important. Below you will find a small sample of the results from a few of our touch points calculated after our audit with “Company X.”


〉〉Their final score was a dismal 28 out of 100. Although the diverse team seemed prepared for the results, it was shocking to them when our team shared the harsh reality. This is a sample of how their employee brand was data verified by the employee population:

  • Website
    • Home page: The slider on the “Home” page is heavily client-focused. There’s no discernible information about the company culture, existing staff, or career opportunities on this page. As a first impression, it doesn’t cater to the “internal customer” (candidates and job seekers).
  • Online Presence
    • Facebook & Twitter: No company Facebook or Twitter profile set up.
    • Glassdoor: Incomplete profile and no reviews written.
    • Youtube: No videos about “Company X” work environment company culture.
  • Company Culture
    • There’s no company culture code or any indication about what it’s like to work for “Company X” (other than a list of employee benefits).

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