Case Study 119 – Part 2

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Talent Brand Audit



Talent Brand Audit


Strategy: After collaborating with a hybrid group of Executive level individuals and leaders from six branches it was clear that there was many opinions as to why the current recruiting methodologies were unsuccessful. The group recognized the importance of a talent brand, but had no idea how to begin to analyze their employee voice through both their traditional and social media outlets.


〉〉The company granted formal permission for our data analysts to conduct a formal Talent brand audit. This proprietary tool developed by APA Solutions exclusively runs through a scoring system of employee desirability in regards to a particular company. After a lengthy review, the results were shared with the team via webinar:

-Deficiencies centered around:

  • Mixed company messages throughout the internal customer/employee portals
  • Negative online reviews about working conditions and mangers
  • Inconsistent frequency in social media messaging
  • Poorly written job posts with zero creativity or attraction factor



Their final score was a dismal 28 out of 100. Although the diverse team seemed prepared for the results, it was shocking to them when our team shared the harsh reality. This was how their employee brand was data verified by the employee population. The group started to make a connection as to where the real work needed to begin. It was time to build a talent brand as part of their overall talent strategy.

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