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By understanding the manner in which the brain influences our behavior, we can implement a greater understanding and awareness into our actions, emotions and biases through the lens of neuroscience. With established self-awareness, we can then enhance our ability to collaborate and understand others, resulting in better communication and relationships.

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Do you ever wonder how to make your workforce resilient, open to change, accountable and quick to respond, but don’t know where to start to create such behaviors?

Why we suggest this topic: To be an agile leader or organization is to have the ability to become self-aware, be accountable, communicate, and collaborate in many different conditions including new and changing situations. To be agile is to be present. Successful leaders are strategic, but also effective in the present moment with structures in place to allow for necessary fluid management. Learn to achieve these milestones and drive an agile workforce through proven practices based in math and science.

Is there a gap in your onboarding and development programs leaving you and your company vulnerable to unconscious bias issues?

Why we suggest this topic: Diversity and inclusion have a significant impact on any size organization. Our neuroscience of D&I session is designed to give attendees an awareness of their own biases and share ways to avoid common pitfalls, all while addressing the root cause of bias in a way that audiences can understand and relate to. Watch as communication is improved, collaboration is increased, awareness is heightened, sales revenue boosted, and your internal & external customer experience is enhanced.

When giving your team objectives, do you find that at times they perform below expectations and miss valuable information that was provided?

Why we suggest this topic: It can be difficult to lead a team of diverse individuals who all have different skill sets and workplace styles. That’s why this topic was created to provide best practices to help leaders work within the preferred  social order of the brain, boosting collaboration and growth.

Do you or those in your organization let emotions negatively affect decision-making or job performance?

Why we suggest this topic: This workshop will not only be assessed on your emotional intelligence but participants will also be given effective solutions on how to use your emotions to facilitate your performance at work.

Do you or anyone in your organization tend to shoot from the hip when making critical decisions?

Why we suggest this topic: Not only learn about common biases we tend to make but also leave this training with proven techniques to overcome these shortcomings.

Are there moments when your employee engagement and productivity slides for some unknown reason?

Why we suggest this topic: Attendees will leave this workshop with the knowledge and tools to better interact with fellow colleagues in a manner that produces collaboration and productivity, avoiding those emotional pitfalls that are triggered by our threat region of the brain.

Do you consistently see yourself or those in your organization making the same decisions, over and over again?

Why we suggest this topic: Participating in this workshop will open the mindset of you and your organization, providing the tools to learn how to overcome obstacles.

Are messages within your team not received properly or accurately, costing the organization time and money?

Why we suggest this topic: This workshop will provide brain-based solutions for effective communication and listening; helping you and those within your organization work more productively and efficiently.

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