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Equaity and Social Justice

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Picture this. The year is 2040 and your child or grandchild approaches you. They ask, “I’m learning about the Black Lives Matter Movement in school, the biggest civil rights movement in history, and since you lived through it, what was … Continued

Stress and Self-Awareness Case Study

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We all know stress but what's the impact on you, your workforce, and decision making at large? Tackling the root cause in individuals and organizations leads to a healthier, more productive workforce, but self-awareness is key. After seeing a spike … Continued

It’s Ruff Changing Behaviors

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Just ask our office dog… As some of you may know, not all of us at APA Solutions and WomanUP conferences walk on two legs. Our company mascot and conference advocate is Winston, a retired show dog who makes sure we all stay on … Continued

Stress is Having a Moment

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SPOILER ALERT: Allow me to apologize in advance to the sensitive cat owners far and wide that the following quote may cause undue stress to. I do solemnly swear that I have never and will never partake in this exercise. … Continued