APA Solutions responds to COVID-19: More Insight, More Opportunity

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From working closely with the business community, we know they’re doing their best to cope with this global pandemic. In hopes of defeating this outbreak many of them have to send their workforce home, but have the appropriate communication plans been put in place to prepare individuals for this new normal?  And what about the essential workforce who still have to come into work? Along with the added stress of having to worry about the health and safety of their friends and family, we are also uncertain as to when we can return to normalcy.

As a company dedicated to taking a math and science approach to professional development, we’ve been brainstorming deeply about what actions to take as this virus continues to spread around the U.S. and Canada, and how to be as helpful as we possibly can be.

Please take advantage of these resources to help you through these turbulent times:


APA Solutions responsibility to help people: employed or unemployed

While our brain-based training is being administered across all types of companies, we have to now shift our focus into a blended learning model which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.  Our online, on-demand, and interactive services will help you and your organization weather this storm by using brain-friendly techniques.

Check out these topics our virtual training will emphasize:

  • Effective Use of Communication Through Crisis (seats still available, sign up here)
  • How Your Mindset Matters
  • Understanding Your Natural and Adapted Learning Styles
  • Unconscious Bias and Modeling Through Stress
  • How to Use Your Emotions as Tools for Impact
  • Transformational Leadership


How we are increasing our accessibility

In order to help various organizations through this transition, APA Solutions is adapting our services to meet current demands. We want to do what we believe is right and allow everyone an opportunity to gain the tools we have seen help organizations. We’re attacking this virus by slashing our training costs by 70%.

Through July 1st, 2020 APA Solutions will:


Making an impact

We understand how this situation can be increasing your stress levels, which is why we are doing everything in our power to help you manage that stress, and use it to improve productivity, effectively communicate to your workforce, and self-regulate your emotions.

Please reach out to us for anything you may need. Our passion is people, and everyone could use a little more kindness these days.

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