We’re incredibly blessed to be in a space where we get to bring neuroscience to the forefront in organizational training, development and recruiting. We wouldn’t be able to do it without our team of flexible, dynamic and knowledgeable experts who are committed to delivering for our clients through collaboration and technology.

Let’s talk about leading, training and recruiting with the brain in mind!

Team Members

Joan Graci

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Joan Graci

President and CEO

Joan Graci is the President and Owner of APA Solutions, Upstate New York’s first and only neuroscience-driven human capital consulting firm transforming the organizational landscape of today. Leveraging her continued education in the field of neuroscience combined with three decades in the recruiting space, Joan has spent time developing on-demand, science based solutions to the people pains of today.

Jean Filipiak

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Jean Filipiak

Managing Partner, Human Capital Strategist and Behavioral Specialist

An expert recruiter and certified behavioral specialist, Jean utilizes advanced profiling and matching skills to guide companies and people toward success. When not advising a client, working to fill placements, or counseling a candidate on workplace behaviors, she is an adjunct professor at the University of Buffalo and enjoys spending time with her family.

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Erikson Neilans, Ph.D.

In-house Neuroscience expert

Erikson is an educator and researcher focusing on factors that influence how people perceive the world around them. As an individual highly engaged in neuromarketing and psychophysical techniques, he brings a great deal of knowledge to our brain-based methodology. His experience has led to a data-driven approach to decision making and an emphasis on using evidence to solve problems.

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Caitlin Pietz

Executive Recruiter and Accountant

As our newest recruiter and dedicated accountant, Caitlin keeps our books organized and has a real knack for finding great talent. When she’s not interviewing candidates or dealing with finances, she loves connecting with friends over happy hour, adding to her shoe collection, and spending time with her husband and English Springer Spaniel, Winston.

Alison Deglopper APA Website Photo

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Alison DeGlopper

Event Coordinator and Resume Specialist

Rest assured your resume is in good hands with Alison, our in-house expert. She has been supporting job seekers during the recruitment process and the APA business for over 15 years. She is also responsible for making sure our events run smoothly. Beyond the thrill of helping to maximize and place candidates, Alison loves live music and attending concerts, and being an active mother.

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The Boss

This furry fella is our prized company mascot. As a retired show dog, Winston has high standards and keeps everyone on their toes at work. Sometimes his days of managing get so tiring that he has to take mid-day naps in his doggy bed. Come by our office at your own risk…the risk of getting licked to death.



Matt Graci, Ph.D.

Strategic Partner 

Holding a PhD in cognitive psychology, Matt brings a unique perspective to our team as a trusted consultant. His line of research on how people organize and express personal memories provides a unique perspective on how personal experiences may go on to affect thoughts, feelings, and goals in work-related settings. He applies theory and research to our real world environment.


Anthony DeSimone, CPA, CMA

Strategic Partner

Tony is our financial advisor or (as we fondly refer to him) our “Analytical Guru.” While we implement our brain–based coaching programs, he deals with cleaning up the numbers – by teaching organizations how to create and maintain cash flow forecasting, financial reporting, operational process, and mentoring.