Our mission

APA Solutions is a boutique employment and human capital consulting firm that specializes in the manufacturing industry. Since 1965, APA has only serviced growth companies – organizations that recognize identifying and retaining key performers is critical to their overall health and success. Because of the evolving needs of our clients, we have expanded our services beyond the hiring realm and into the employee development arena. We help our clients build and maintain effective, cohesive teams by aligning their organizational goals with our human capital initiatives. At the end of the day, our goal is to transform our clients into employers of choice. We firmly believe that a company’s greatest asset is its people, and our results-driven solutions have validated this philosophy. Are your employees delivering the outcomes your brand needs to thrive?

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Results that go beyond hiring

At APA Solutions, we look at the big picture. Our goal is to optimize the company experience both internally and externally. To put it simply, our three decades of experience in the employment world have led us to believe that a positive work environment will result in a positive customer experience. Creating a positive work environment begins with strengthening the bond between employers and their employees. We offer customized coaching techniques that do just that: build employee engagement, promote accountability and foster trust within your organization. From onboarding to outplacement and talent management to performance measurement, we work tirelessly to transform your organization from the inside out. The growth of revenue and sales becomes a natural consequence of our efforts to develop your team.

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Our candidates

In our opinion, we serve two masters: employers and job seekers. Instead of simply selling openings to able candidates to make a match, we make sure that it’s in the best interest of both parties. Our candidates are coached, evaluated, and groomed through our sister company, Career Reform, an organization designed to teach job seekers to treat their careers as strategic business owners. We’re picky – out of the hundreds of resumes we review, we only represent 2 percent of the applicants who apply. And it’s not just the hard skills we’re after. From entry to executive level, we seek out unique individuals who are self-directed, readily adapt to change, and have what it takes to impact the growth of an organization.

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