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Who has the time or tools to build an effective training method from scratch? The goal of You, Inc. is to tackle that hurdle, delivering a dynamic, brain-friendly eLearning package at an affordable rate

Blended Learning


Rather than a concrete theory, brain-based coaching can be defined as all learning theories that use research from the following fields as their basis:
  • Psychology
  • Neuroscience
  • Technology
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Our team of renowned neuroscience experts and speakers can deliver on-location and virtual workshops for every level of your organization, providing the most up-to-date topics from our research lab to boost effectiveness.

Who we’ve impacted

Company Leadership

Recruiting Innovation“They helped us align our leadership team with our strategy, effectively allowing us to achieve our fiscal goals.”

Human Resources

Coaching and Collaboration“The day-to-day role is changing in HR, and the solutions provided by APA have already helped in our evolution.”

Operations Management

Employee Engagement

“Our organization is thriving now that we’ve implemented the growth mindset strategy of APA Solutions.”

Talent Management

Communication“APA has displayed a strong ability to develop strategic talent and recruiting plans that align with our dynamic growth.”

Corporate Executives

Change Management“APA’s brain-based approach helped me save time and develop into a more self-aware leader”

Combined Workforce

Productivity“This is the first time I’ve encountered a training system that is easy to use, the leadership team trusts, and actually works to help in my development.”

The Latest News From APA

What is APA Solutions?

APA Agency was founded in 1965 by three courageous women who were bold enough to turn the recruiting landscape on its head, offering a variety of products required by growth companies of the decade. During their dynamic reign, this team of trailblazing entrepreneurs utilized innovative hiring practices to impact a diverse group of Western New York’s most prestigious companies.

Following in their fearless footsteps, we have continued the art of innovation with our own on-demand training, leadership coaching, and recruiting methods based in real-time math and science.

Following in their footsteps, we’ve continued the art of innovation with our own on-demand training, leadership coaching and recruiting methods based in real time math and science.

Meet Our Neuroscience Team

Joan Graci is the President and Owner of APA Solutions, one of the only brain-based organizations in the United States and Canada. As an advocate for leading with the brain in mind, Joan continues to engage her diverse client-base in utilizing her three-plus decades of experience within the professional development space by enhancing her training with the most cutting-edge neuroscience. She is an agile leader who customizes her learning sessions to make them as applicable as possible to the unprecedented times we are living in. The brain-based approach she takes to both her training and coaching has resulted in increased self-awareness and better stress management amongst all of her clients.

Erikson is our in-house neuroscience expert, research guru, and all around data geek. He also presents on evidence-based techniques that are shown to provide insight into how people think and behave. His insight helps provide unbiased results and empirical evidence on how to improve employee retention and enhance career satisfaction.

Holding a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology, Matt brings a unique perspective to our team as a trusted consultant. His collaboration on strategies of how the brain works in the context of employee development have assisted in the development of our brain-based approach.

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