What is APA Solutions?

APA Agency was born in 1965 by trail blazing entrepreneurs who were bold enough to change the recruiting landscape, offering a variety of products required by growth companies of the decade. During their dynamic reign, this team utilized innovative hiring practices to impact a diverse group of Western New York’s most prestigious companies.
Following in their footsteps, we’ve continued the art of innovation with our own recruiting and leadership coaching method based in real time math and science.
APA Brain-Based Methodology

Our Journey to a Brain-Based Methodology

Have you ever wondered why it’s so darn difficult to attract talent? Or, when you invest in employee development, the status quo prevails? Frankly, so did we, which is why we opened our very own research center right here at APA Solutions HQ. As successful recruiters, it was important for us to understand the changing dynamics of the employer and employee viewpoints. After all, we’ve been tasked for years with the monumental responsibility of discovering talent for growth companies at all levels.
Since 2010, we’ve conducted in house studies to decode why people accept roles, engage with the corporate culture, or disengage in what ultimately leads to their departure. Through this journey, we continually found ourselves at a common waypoint: mindset matters when approaching company-wide development, and a true understanding of the brain is necessary. So, we started down a path of neuroscience studies to better equip our team with the necessary talent acquisition and organizational coaching tools.


Working collaboratively with so many growth companies has allowed us to develop the best products and services out there. Our brain-based, neuroleadership approach sets us apart from the competition.

Recruiting Innovation

Recruiting InnovationInnovative solutions to old recruiting problems

Coaching & Collaboration

Coaching and CollaborationIncreasing productivity through self and organizational awareness

You, Inc. Employee Ownership

Employee EngagementEmployee accountability through growth mindset training

Brain-Based Communication

CommunicationMaking effective communication the standard

Change Management

Change ManagementEvolving mindsets for successful change

Organizational Productivity

ProductivityGetting inside the heads of employees to release higher potential

Meet our strategic partners in the Neuroscience space


Meet the newest member of our growing neuroscience team. Erikson is a psychophysical researcher focusing on factors that influence how people perceive the world around them.

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As a Ph.D. student in psychology at Emory University, Matt brings a unique perspective to our team as a trusted consultant. He applies theory and research to our real world environment.

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We utilize a customized brain-based approach to attract top talent to your organization


Our team increases productivity by unlocking the hidden motivators of engagement


We create a culture of engagement with a people plan that aligns to the company’s growth strategy

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